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One on one treatments take place in my home. Each session is unique, and I work together with you to intentionally bring about the desired outcome you are looking for. 


What to expect

A typical session lasts around an hour (although a longer session can be requested). This accounts for a short consultation at the start, an energy check, approximately 20-30 minutes of playing the bowls, followed by 10 minutes of quiet and stillness (to allow time for integrating the vibrations of the sounds) and a short debrief at the end. We always open with a prayer and close by giving gratitude for the healing.

Treatments may consist of:

  • Crystal bowls, played around the body

  • Singing bowls, played around the body

  • Singing bowls, played on the body

  • Singing bowls, used to massage the body (i.e. vibro-acoustic massage)

  • Koshi bell chimes at end of the treatment

If you have a specific request (e.g. you would like to have a crystal bowl session), please let me know, otherwise I will use my intuition to tailor your treatment.

During the session you may experience a sense of peace/relaxation (it's not uncommon to drift off into sleep or slip into a meditative state where you are aware but deeply indrawn). It's also common to feel tingling and pulsing sensations as energy begins to flow throughout the body. You may see colours or images, have realisations or access memories, or experience an emotional release (permission to cry and vocalise sounds!). Your body might also try to release energy through burping or yawning, and as the practitioner that sometimes comes through me. However, each experience is unique. You are completely safe to allow and explore whatever emerges.

To conclude a session:​

  • I may suggest an affirmation for you to begin using. 

  • Oracle card reading (optional). I have a selection of oracle cards. If you would like to receive a message, you are welcome to pull a card at the end of your session from one of my decks (I might advise which deck I feel may hold a message for you).

Preparing for your treatment

  • Dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

  • Consider what intention you may wish to bring to the treatment. This can be physical, emotional, energetic and/or spiritual. It may be something you wish to heal, release, something you'd like to experience, clarity you are seeking or a transformation you'd like to see. It's entirely up to you! You can, of course, just wish to relax and ask to receive whatever is most needed for you at this time.

  • Feel free to bring along an eye mask and/or personal crystal.

After your treatment

  • Give yourself a few days to fully process the effects of the treatment.

  • Drink plenty of water (this helps to flush out toxins and release emotions) during this time.

  • Get plenty of rest and connect with nature if you are able to (helps to ground the energies and mother earth is the most powerful healer).

  • Be gentle and kind to yourself!

  • Feel free to let me know how you're doing and if you have any questions.


If you prefer, instead of a tailored treatment that only uses the singing bowls or the crystal bowls, I can offer a private sound bath/journey for you, which would incorporate a variety of instruments from my collection, including the gong, the shamanic drum, rattles, singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and more. This treatment would take 1h30m, with over an hour for the sound journey.


While this is less targeted, your intention for healing will still be held throughout the process and I will use my intuition to create a soundscape that is especially for your benefit. This may also be an option if you want to go into a deep meditative journey whilst I hold the space for you. Equally, it's an extremely relaxing experience!


See above for what to expect and what to consider before and after your treatment.

I can also offer this as an option for you and your partner, or a group of friends, to be delivered in the comfort of your home if you live around North London - please contact me to discuss prices if you're interested.


If you are interested in something extra, why not try the combination of sound therapy with Reiki? This can offer you additional support to re-establish harmony and experience a renewal in your energy.

A typical Sound Therapy + Reiki session also lasts around an hour and a half. I will carry out 30 minutes of sound healing therapy, and during the integration period you will receive 20 minutes of Reiki. I may only offer Reiki only to the areas that I intuitively feel require additional attention, although I will spend a bit of time on each chakra.

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