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My prices are currently affordable as I am more focused on gaining experience and developing my skills (and also work full-time in another role).


Please note, my prices have now increased. These prices are likely to increase again over this next year as I undertake more professional training.


Please contact me if you are unemployed, low-wage or otherwise would be struggling to pay and would like to negotiate a discount. I am also open to other forms of exchange.

Tailored Sound Therapy

60 mins | £50


Sound Bath

75 mins | £60


Tailored Sound Therapy & Reiki 

75 mins | £60


Lomi Lomi Massage*

90 mins | £75 

120 mins | £100

Lomi Lomi Massage* & Sound Therapy

120 mins | £100

150 mins | £125


Lomi Lomi Massage* 

4-handed (with another masseuse, "Temple of Touch")

90 mins | £160


Lomi Lomi Massage* & Sound Therapy 

4-handed (with another masseuse, "Temple of Touch")

120 mins | £200

*Due to the intimate nature of lomi lomi massage, I prefer to vet any potential male clients. Lomi Lomi is sensual and intimate, but it is NOT sexual. I reserve the right to decline service to anyone who I don't feel comfortable massaging.

Above timings for massage do not take into account any time before or after the massage - please allow an additional 20-30 mintues when planning your day.


Please ensure that you arrive at the exact time when your session is due to start. If your treatment exceeds the agreed duration time, you will not be charged extra.

Please note that I have two cats in the home. If you very allergic to cats, it may not be appropriate for you to come see me for a treatment.


I would strongly recommend coming for multiple sessions of tailored sound healing if you are in crisis or there is a persistent issue or imbalance that you are trying to address. You may also benefit from the additional holding and insight that I may be able to provide throughout your process. I am happy to negotiate a discount if you would like to book a block of treatment sessions in one go.


I am looking to offer my services at corporate events and in workplaces, at workshops, retreats, and festivals. I am also seeking collaborators to co-create magical experiences and sound journeys together. Additionally, if you want to book me to deliver a private sound bath in your home for you and your friends, please contact me to discuss prices.

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