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What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

"The healing power of touch lies not only in the hands but in the loving awareness behind them, creating a space where bodies mend and spirits find solace."

Lomi Lomi massage, unlike your regular massage, is a sort of spiritual affair.


Also known as "Hawaiian massage" or "Loving Hands Massage," it's a traditional Polynesian healing practice that originates from the Hawaiian islands. Rooted in ancient Hawaiian philosophy and cultural traditions, Lomi Lomi massage goes beyond physical relaxation to encompass spiritual and emotional well-being. The term "Lomi Lomi" itself means "to knead" or "to rub" in Hawaiian, reflecting the hands-on and flowing nature of the massage.

At its core, Lomi Lomi is characterized by long, continuous strokes that mimic the ebb and flow of ocean waves, using the therapist's hands, forearms, and even elbows. The massage's gentle, continuous movements signal the nervous system to shift into a parasympathetic state, fostering deep relaxation. The massage is performed very slowly and incorporates the concept of "aloha," which means love, compassion, and breath. This practice not only releases tension and promotes muscle relaxation but also facilitates the free flow of energy, or "mana," throughout the body.

Beyond its physical benefits, Lomi Lomi is considered a holistic experience that nurtures the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It is a sacred ritual that honours the individual, creating a space for emotional release, mental clarity, and overall rejuvenation. The massage
involves elements of prayer, meditation, and intentional breathing, making it a unique and deeply enriching medicine.

Please follow the link to learn more about my unique offering, which combines Lomi Lomi and sound therapy.

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