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The distance Reiki treatment will take approximately 30 minutes. During this time, you'll want to get yourself comfortable. Whether that's lying down or seated, is up to you. You may want to do it in your bedroom or even outside in nature (if you can secure a quiet and private spot). I will text you 15 minutes beforehand to remind you to set yourself up and I will message at the end when I've concluded and closed the session. 

Preparing for your treatment

  • You will need to send me a photograph (of you) in advance and provide me with your full name, in order to help me connect with you more easily. 

  • Put your phone on silent (or turn it off) and make sure you won't be disturbed for those 30 minutes, although you might want to set a timer/alarm so you know when it's finished. 

  • Make sure you have a blanket close by even if you don't think you will be cold, just in case your body temperature drops.

  • You may wish to put some sound healing music in the background (I'd be more than happy to suggest something if you like).

At the start of your treatment

  • Close your eyes, so you can drop into a more receptive state.

  • Take a few deep, slow breaths into the belly to begin to relax yourself.

  • Clearly state your intention to receive the healing energy being sent your way, for whatever reason you are needing it. 


During the treatment

  • Just be present with yourself and do your best to relax. 

  • You may experience a sense of peace/relaxation (it's not uncommon to drift off into sleep or slip into a meditative state where you are aware but deeply indrawn). It's also common to feel hot/cold, tingling and pulsing sensations, or muscle spasms, as energy begins to flow throughout the body. You may see colours or images, have realisations or access memories, or experience an emotional release (permission to cry and vocalise sounds!). Your body might also try to release energy through burping or yawning, and as the practitioner that sometimes comes through me. However, each experience is unique (you may also not experience anything remarkable). Whatever emerges, I invite you to be curious about it and willing to allow it.  

  • If you fall asleep, don't worry, you will still be receiving the energy!

At the end of the treatment

  • Return to consciousness gently and in your own time.

  • I recommend making a brief note of anything that came up for you (e.g. thoughts, feelings, sensations), what the experience was like and what you'd like to take away from it. 

  • Drink plenty of water (this helps to flush out toxins, release emotions and facilitates the flow of energy) during this time.

  • Feel free to let me know how you're doing and if you have any questions. I welcome any honest feedback you might have (although you don't have to share anything too personal if you don't want to). This will really help me attune my skills.

  • Give yourself a few days to fully process the effects of the treatment.

  • Get plenty of rest and connect with nature if you are able to (helps to ground the energies and mother earth is powerful healer).

  • Be gentle and kind to yourself!

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